Non-Denominational 2

Dear Family and Friends,

We are gathered here today in the presence of God and this company to join __________ and __________ in the bonds of sacred marriage.  An institution by God ordered and by Christ endorsed and declared by the Holy Spirit to honor in the sight of all.

In as much as we are here today to celebrate an institution given by God it is altogether fitting and proper that we impress our minds with the teaching of the Scripture as it regards this subject.  In Matthew 19:4-6, Jesus, in quoting this passage warned, ”What God has joined, let no one separate.“  The union you are about to form is not imaginary or antiquated.  It is as real as the God who instituted it and the Christ who endorsed it.  It is to remain undissolved in this life even as the vows you make will affirm this.

It is a new relationship which calls for the severance of other relationships in order to honor the marriage partner.  Men and women never show more honor for one another than in the marriage relationship Godly fulfilled.

At this time, we will ask you to make your vows to one another.  Join right hands, please.

Do you, __________, take _________  to be your lawful wedded _________?  Do you promise to love and honor __________  above all others and in sickness and in health and prosperity and adversity and forsaking all others, cleave unto ______ until death do you part?

Do you, __________, take _________  to be your lawful wedded _________?  Do you promise to love and honor __________  above all others and in sickness and in health and prosperity and adversity and forsaking all others, cleave unto ______ until death do you part?

Are there rings?  For generations, rings have been used as tokens of pledges made in good faith and as seals of sacred vows honorably declared.  The circular nature of the ring symbolizes the eternal nature of the relationship which you have enjoined yourselves to, its precious metal, the preciousness of your devotion and love.  It is a symbol of your pledge to faithfully discharge the duties of husband and wife to one another.

__________, repeat after me: ”With this ring, I thee wed and with all that I have, I give to you: my name, and my home, my heart and my hand, my life and my all, as long as we shall live.“

__________, repeat after me: ”With this ring, I thee wed.  I pledge to you the loyalty of my life, the love of my heart, and the devotion of my soul, while together we walk along life’s path.

And now, by the authority vested in me by the State of Georgia, I pronounce you as  _________ and ________!

__________, you may kiss!

I am pleased to present to you, __________.

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