Many questions are usually asked about Religion or if I’m able to be the Officiant for different Denominations or is it possible to just have a lovely spiritual ceremony?  The answer to these questions and many related questions are all, yes.

Depending upon your religious or non-religious beliefs, a matrimonial ceremony is of your choice.  Maybe you’re Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or just believe in a higher power; all types of services and combinations of Denominations can be fulfilled.

Below you will find a link to various sample dialogues that have been used over the past several years and most work well.  However, if you would like to “tweak” one of the samples, please let me know and a unique reading will be prepared.  Have you considered writing your own vows?  Terrific, many couples discover this participation, not only enhances the preparation experience, but also units them, to their powerful words exchanged on their wedding day.

Whether you decide to elope, renew vows or would like assistance for a traditional ceremony, religious or spiritual, your options are open since I’ve been presiding ceremonies for over 19 years and my goal is for your day to be complete.

Sample Dialogue


*Photo by Cindy Roberts