Wedding Coach

What is Wedding Coaching?  Is it a wedding planner?  No.  Does the sports coach play on the field?  No.   This is the place for answers for DIY couples who are getting married in Savannah and surrounding areas, and who need some assistance with their ceremony and finding the right vendors for budgets, personalities, and quality.

As a Wedding Coach, I answer questions for you, point you towards the vendors which should best meet your needs.  I’ll also answer questions about such things as, “which square is best for my wedding?” and “who’s the best photographer in town?” “Should I use an aisle runner?” And so on.  There are a ton of questions you have for your wedding day, and I want to help answer them!

Let me give you some examples. Food channels give you pointers on how to cook, select food, serve food, etc., yet they don’t cook for you.  Some shows teach you how to remodel your house, yet they don’t do it for you.  And et cetera.

If you need help finding a venue which will hold 100 people, I can help you do that.  If you need help finding a florist, I can do that. If you need help finding the right restaurant or caterer, I can help do that.  Do you need help knowing which parent walks down the aisle first, I can help with that.

You can do these things yourself, or I can help.  You can cook your own meals at home or you can go and have someone do that for you. I can help save you all that time by using my experience to help you find the vendors right for your special day!  Here are list of vendors you can contact:  Photographers, Other Professionals, Locations, and more.

I’m not a Wedding Planner.  I won’t go sit with you at meetings with vendors. I won’t make appointments for you with your vendor.  I’m not a month of coordinator or day of coordinator.  That is not something that I like to do.  However, I do consider myself a Wedding Officiant Plus, aka Wedding Coach!

What’s included in the Wedding Coaching.

  • Unlimited emails, normally answered within 24 hours, unless Holiday or Sunday.
  • Initial phone call, Skype, FaceTime or in person meeting, up to 1 hour.
  • Do I answer texts, yes, but will probably direct it back to emails.  Better paper trails and easier for me to type.  Even though I’m getting better at speaking into my phone for texts, I prefer emails.  Texts answered within 48 hours, unless a Holiday or Sunday.
  • The farther out you plan the better.  You’ll have a better selection of vendors and will have a lot less stress.
  • Wedding Coaching is not left to the last week, it is planned out. If you are getting married within the week that in one thing, but if you wait ’till the last minute to ask me questions, remember I’ll normally answer within 48 hours .  Please don’t consider me a crisis hotline.  Now, if your vendor doesn’t show that’s another story!  But I’ve never had one of vendors I recommend not show up for the ceremony!

Does hiring me as an officiant mean that I’ll be your wedding coach?  Does your florist do the music?  Does the photographer also do the cake?  They are separate jobs.

Do I take the place of a wedding planner, month of planner, day of coordinator?  No, they are there on your wedding day to get people lined up, and down the aisle.  I’m usually the first one down the aisle, so I can’t do both jobs.

Please inquire with me regarding fee and contract.